How It Works

  • Dilutes concentrated foaming products to the required ratio
  • Creates wet, clinging foam to increase chemical contact time and effectiveness
  • Pre-wash your vehicle to loosen hardened road grime and prevent scratches when it’s time for scrubbing
  • Foam provides visual confirmation of complete coverage to discourage overapplication and waste
  • Cover the foam wand air inlet with your hand to fill buckets with diluted, unaerated soap for hand washing
  • Quick disconnect the foam assembly to rinse through the garden hose gun

Key Features

  • Durable!  Foamer body is CNC machined in the USA, not molded
  • Outlasts and outperforms “throwaway” molded plastic foam guns
  • The stainless steel quick disconnect socket features 6 retaining balls to lock the bottle and foam assembly securely in place
  • Light, 32 oz. bottle reduces wrist and arm fatigue and the risk of repetitive strain injuries
  • No moving parts!  Venturi action dilutes chemical consistently
  • Precision metering tips restrict the flow of soap into the water stream and allow you to find the perfect balance between cleaning performance and product usage rate
  • Great performance with water pressure as low as 20 PSI
  • Use your Compact Foam-All to apply any foaming chemical product – washing vehicles is just the beginning!
Model Water Flow Rate Max. Foam Throw
Compact Foam-All 25B 1.25 GPM @ 40 PSI 12 ft.
Compact Foam-All 15B 0.7 GPM @ 40 PSI 7 ft.
  • The Compact Foam-All 25B provides quick and efficient coverage for any size vehicle
  • The Compact Foam-All 15B has less than half the flow rate of competing models, which saves money on chemical and water without suffering from reduced performance

Each Compact Foam-All Includes

  • Machined polypropylene foamer body with stainless steel quick disconnect plug
  • Garden hose gun with inlet screen/filter and 6-ball quick disconnect socket
  • 32 oz. wide-mouth, HDPE bottle
  • 20 color-coded metering tips

Optional Accessories