Color-Coded Metering Tips

  • A metering tip is used to control the amount of chemical being drawn into the water stream in a Venturi body
  • The metering tip is installed in the chemical suction tube
  • Precision molded polypropylene construction
  • Each color-coded tip allows a fixed amount of chemical to flow through the tip at a specific rate (measured in fluid ounces per minute)
  • The full standard set includes 20 tips, and smaller sets are available
  • Each tip set includes a metering tip driver to assist with tip installation and removal (do not overtighten!)

NOTE:  The actual dilution ratio produced by each tip varies based on the water volume (GPM) and pressure (PSI) flowing through each specific piece of dilution equipment.  Using the same metering tip, a low flow unit will produce a different dilution ratio than a high flow unit – and water pressure/flow fluctuations will affect the final dilution ratio.

Refer to the Metering Tip Selection Chart in the “Requirements and Technical Details” link on each product page. The Blue Mule Metering Tip Calculator assists with these calculations. Simply enter the flow rate of your unit and the actual water pressure!

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