Key Features

  • Accurately dilutes chemical concentrate and applies it as a medium-volume spray
  • Flow rate of 2.3 GPM @ 40 PSI water pressure
  • Suitable for quick coverage over larger areas
  • Durable!  Machined in the USA, not molded
  • Outlasts and outperforms similar molded plastic products
  • Quick disconnect the injector assembly to rinse
  • The stainless steel quick disconnect socket features 6 retaining balls to lock the injector assembly securely in place
  • With less than half the flow rate of competing models, you save money
  • Draws chemical from any sized container – ideal for extended spraying time
  • The chemical suction tube includes a jug lid to enhance ease of use and safety
  • No moving parts!  Venturi action dilutes chemical accurately and consistently with precision metering tips – dilution chart available in Requirements and Technical Details
  • Great performance with water pressure as low as 20 PSI
  • The standard 25-degree fan nozzle offers balance between coverage and spray distance (10-15 ft. depending on water pressure)
  • Optional nozzles (sold separately) project a wider 40-degree fan pattern or focused 5-degree stream


  • Machined polypropylene injector body
  • 25-degree fan nozzle with nozzle protector
  • 10′ chemical suction tube with machined polypropylene jug lid and strainer
  • 20 color-coded metering tips for setting dilution ratios
  • Stainless steel quick disconnect plug & 6-ball socket
  • Garden hose gun with inlet screen/filter

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