City Water Pressure / Flow Test Kit

  • Connects to a standard male garden hose fitting
  • Provides quick confirmation of available water pressure and flow rate
  • Use to determine equipment needed for existing setup or a new facility
  • Can also be mounted in-line with installed equipment to determine operational water pressure
  • Useful for selecting metering tips based on the available pressure
  • Troubleshoot existing setup to see if and when the water pressure fluctuates
  • Includes three flow restrictors for testing to see if enough water volume and pressure are available for a particular unit
  • Also includes a blank (undrilled) plug that the user can modify to simulate other flow rates


  • Select the flow restrictor most similar to the flow rate of the unit being installed
  • Thread the flow restrictor into the inside threads on the MGH fitting
  • Install the gauge on the water line as close to the unit installation point as possible
  • Read the gauge when water is flowing to simulate unit operation
    • This is the “dynamic” water pressure, which is specified in unit requirements and used for metering tip selection
    • Reading the gauge without water flowing will display the “static” water pressure, and this is not a useful measurement
  • NOTE:  If you already have a unit, you do not need to install a metering plug.  Simply install the gauge kit in-line before the unit and read the pressure during unit operation.

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