Key Features

  • Dilute more products or dilute products to multiple dilution ratios
  • Includes (1) set of 20 metering tips
  • Compatible with:
    • Ultimate Wash System 2 (BLU42)
    • Ultimate Wash System 2.5 (BLU46)
    • Ultimate Wash System 6 (BLU47)
  • Ships installed if ordered with a complete system
  • See “Requirements and Technical Details” for retrofit installation instructions


  • Adding suction assemblies extends the piping distance from the furthest product.  This increases the weight of the suction assembly.  To avoid damage to the injector body connection, we recommend supporting the additional weight with a U-bolt or other support structure (not included).
  • The extended piping distance also increases the time required to switch products.
  • Therefore, while this option can also be installed on our 8-product system (BLU48), we do not recommend doing so.

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