Key Features

  • Projects a low volume of wet, clinging, foamy lather
    • Foam increases chemical contact time and effectiveness
    • Low volume foam doesn’t run wastefully to the ground
    • Foaming expands the chemical and reduces over-application by providing visual assurance of coverage
  • Dilutes chemical products on-demand
    • Product is mixed as it is needed, ensuring optimal chemical efficiency
    • No need to spend valuable time pre-mixing products
    • Set the dilution ratio for each hose independently
    • Works with any brand of chemical products
  • Requires less than 1 GPM at 40 PSI water pressure to operate both hoses simultaneously (even less for just one hose)
    • Conserves water and chemical
  • The unique uni-body design is both compact and cost-effective
  • Lightweight foam nozzles reduce wrist strain
  • Adjustable fan pattern nozzle for wide coverage or longer foam throw
  • Low maintenance over years of reliable service
    • Machined, not molded, polypropylene components
    • Industrial strength metal fittings
    • Each component can be serviced or replaced individually (should the need arise)


  • Garden hose inlet adapter
  • Machined polypropylene injector body
  • (2) Hose activation ball valves
  • (2) 10 color-coded precision metering tips to set dilution ratios
  • (2) 10′ discharge hoses with machined polypropylene airless foam wands

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