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Equine Bathing

Durable foam guns and stable-mounted systems

Great for Pet Washing!

Blue Mule products outlast and outperform inferior molded plastic products

Blue Mule Pressure Washing

Stainless steel venturi chemical injectors and foam applicators

Chemical Horsepower

Wash vehicles of any size from motorcycles to semi-trucks

Ultimate Wash System 8 For Pet Bathing

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Blue Mule offers industrial quality, machined foamer and sprayer equipment for applying cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, shampoos, weed killers, and other liquid chemicals.

Foam Systems

foam systems

Apply chemical as clinging foam to increase contact time, maximize effectiveness, and provide visual assurance of coverage.
Portable and wall-mounted units.

Spray Systems

spray systems

Apply chemical in a fan pattern spray on to surfaces up close or at a distance.  Great for chemicals with no foaming properties.
Portable and wall-mounted units.

Multifunction Systems

multifunction systems

Easily switch between foaming, spraying, and rinsing. Dilute chemical product "on-the-fly" to specified dilution ratios and apply the solution directly to maximize efficiency.

Options & Accessories

options and accessories

Prepare accurately diluted chemical solutions with a proportioner.  Accessories include hose and jug racks, upgrades, replacement parts, connectors, and more!